By: Edward Payne

2019年1月2日 feibisi 0 Comments

Joe: Just finished your book PATERNO that was loaned to me by my son. My background;
1962 PSU grad same class as Sue Paterno but did not know her. Father, 1932 Penn State grade, football fan, attended games with him beginning in 1948, always with (Pitt). Knew of Paterno since he came to Penn State although never met him. Knew he donated a lot of money to PSU for many things including the Paterno library. Knew he was paid upwards of 1 million dollars less, as a minimum than other major college coaches, Knew of his background and never believed he did anything wrong in the Sandusky affair. Read Freeh Report which I call Fradulently Reported Excessively Expressed Hype. Good book!! Have sent letters to PSU Trustees supporting Paterno. No reply. Now time to fight back, i’m mad once again!

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