By: Harris Wolfson

2018年3月18日 feibisi 0 Comments

We just launched a site that your fans will be interested in,
We now have all of MLB up and running. It has taken a phenomenal amount of work but we are now able to show the sun’s moving shadow for every stadium in the world. We originally developed the concept for those who either must stay out of the sun (for medical concerns, the elderly, etc.) but it has been well received from all those that have viewed our site. Spectators can now find a seat in the shade, or sun. We think it would be of great benefit to your fans.

It is just four of us that put this together and we are now faced with the daunting task of getting the word out. If you can provide any insight or leads as to how to accomplish this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Harris Wolfson
(415) 602-2425

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